Soo, hat bisschen länger gedauert, hatte kb xD, naja, jetzt aber:


Shout my name

Try to protect me from the fall

I jump into the deep, follow me


Black is my colour

Red is my blood

Remember myself

It's really enough

You can't protect me

Protect me from myself

I can't stop it anymore

[Strophe 1]

One day in winter, a special day

One night may change a life forever

I found my drug and take a trip

My blood is my drug - it takes me away

I didn't try to break out - I let me fall

I fall again and again - can't get away from this


[Strophe 2]

A long time - a lot of scars

But I never won't forget the first

It was the first freedom I feel

When I'm cutting myself into pieces

Forever be free - forever be chained

Forever lie to be myself


[Strophe 3]

My world - a world of lies

I go this way, whatever you think

I hate you, I hate this humanity

But most I hate myself

And I love you, instead I hate you

Feelings are strange - senseless in my head


[Strophe 4]

It's a fight for life or death

My body against my soul

Until they destroy each other

I wish I will be free

This fight is till the end

But one thing can make me happy

Shout my name

Try to protect me - don't try it anymore

I jump into the deep, please follow me


I take my razor and make me happy again ... again

So, hoffe es gefällt euch

17.12.09 00:20


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